On-board service

Marco Marine Service Team

 A team is normally composed of 1 foreman and 3 to 8 fitters.


On-board the team can:

  • Fully overhaul Aux. engines.
  • Pull pistons on the main engine.
  • Overhaul the fuel pumps.
  • Overhaul the turbocharger.
  • Overhaul the generators.
  • Overhaul other machinery plants
  • Can weld.
  • Can calibrate equipment on-board.

Marco Marine can supply: 

  • Foreman who is well educated within this area
  • Skilled fitters
  • Special tools for most of the overhauling operation
    • Honing equipment for cylinder liners
    • Grinding tool for spindle valves
    • Grinding tools for valve seats
    • Polishing tools for journals
    • Calibrated measuring tool
    • Calibrated tools for pressure, temperature and torque wrenches
  • Hand tools
  • PMI equipment
  • Equipment for vibration analysing
  • Lub oil analysing
  • Working plans
  • Spare part list
  • Full report

 Our engineers all holds:

  • Seamens book
  • USA visa C1/D
  • Valid passport
  • Health certificate
  • required vaccinations

 A group of the workforce holds:

  • Brazil visa / work permit 
  • Offshore BOSIET course, incl. U.K health certificate and HSSE 
  • USA work visa B1/B2